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We Are Here To Help - Behind The Screen Designs is an award-winning marketing firm focused on providing high-quality, customized and affordable programs for small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).  We have worked with a wide array of clients ranging from New York Times bestselling authors and international hybrid-vehicle manufacturers to "mom and pops" and charities.

Our proven processes, limit the time and cost required of clients, while delivering results that typically exceed expectations.  So, whether you are interested in identity development or communicating your company story through online and offline channels, BTS Designs can help you to accomplish your goals.

Online Advertising Programs
Social Network Management and Creation
Direct Emails
Customer Relations Programs (polls, chats, survey, giveaways/contests)
Print Collateral and Ads

Are you among the 20+ million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) without a website or the countless others that are unhappy with their current online presence?

If you are, it is probably for a few common reasons:

Too Intimidating - Between programming languages (HTML,FLASH,  JAVA), infrastructure (hosting, domain registration, servers), hidden  fees, email accounts, and promotion, website are just too complex!

Too Expensive - While most SMBs understand a website can be a vital to their success, when they compare the cost of an online presence to their budget, they understandably decline.

Too Difficult To Maintain - After investing thousands of dollars in a website, when it is time to add pages, alter the design or even make simple grammatical changes, too often the original designer is:  MIA, charging hundreds of dollars, or too busy to handle the updates for weeks.  back to top

Online Advertising Programs
Online advertising campaigns too frequently involve superficial efforts and analysis, creating inaccurate perceptions of effectiveness based on impressions or click-through rates.  Successful campaigns involve multiple variables.  BTS Designs manages these complexities to ensure clients have a clear understanding of campaign execution and maximum return on investment.

Ad Design - Depending on client needs, BTS Designs plays various roles in the ad-design process, from counsel to design.  Even with clients that retain full-service agencies, BTS Designs can provide effective design insights and analysis based on ad-performance data.

Ad Creation - Online advertising channels have various requirements from headline-and-copy limitations to image-size restrictions.  BTS Designs ensures all ads conform to advertising specifications, and builds them to maximize results.

Testing - BTS Designs ensures the most-compelling ad content displays to the most-responsive audiences, through the least costly channel.

*NOTE:  one of the largest wastes of ad dollars occurs when clients assume the same headline, copy and image will be equally effective with all audiences, across all channels. 

This approach implies, for example, an ad on Facebook, which has specific headline, copy, and image-size restrictions (110px x 80px), viewed by a 55-year-old woman, will be as effective as a full-color, 300px x 250px display ad on a website targeting young men is, when viewed by a 25-year old man. 

For that matter, this approach assumes the same display ad on the same site, but in a different size will garner the same results.  This is rarely, essentially never, the case.

Media Buying - There are numerous variables involved in determining the cost/value of online advertising.  BTS Designs provides options and counsel on the most cost-effective strategies, and manages media buying.

Optimization/Conversions - Once ads are tested to determine most-compelling content, and campaigns are launched, ensuring awareness, BTS Designsí focus shifts to converting clicks into audience growth.  By capturing contact information or adding an ad target to a social network, the cost of marketing to this audience in the future is minimized.  In order to maximize conversions, BTS Designs creates optimized landing pages, simplifying the process for visitors to convert to ad targets into audience members. back to top

Social Network Management and Creation
Identifying potential customers, exposing them to your marketing collateral and building a relationship with them requires significant investments of time and money. 

BTS Designs' social network programs expedite audience identiifcation, enhance brand awareness and enable clients to communicate with customers and potential customers at any time for little to no cost.  back to top

Direct Emails
Direct emails are a highly effective and efficient tactic for proactively interacting with customers and potential customers. 

Direct email programs can drive traffic to your various online channels and provide insights on what content is most compelling to your audience, while providing updates on company news and marketing initiatives.

BTS Designsí direct emails outperform industry average click-through and open rates by more than 300%!  back to top

Customer Relations Programs (polls, chats, survey, giveaways/contests)
One of the best ways to further develop customer relationships is through engagement.  BTS Designs specializes in developing compelling interactive content that strengthen customer relationships and provides vital feedback. back to top

Print Collateral and Ads
BTS Designs offers extensive offline services including the creation of business cards, brochures, postcards and much more.  Through strategic partnerships with printing shops, we can also offer you highly-competitive printing rates.

If you have not shifted all of your advertising online, we also provide proven advertising programs, including outlet identification, media buying and design. back to top

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Create Winning Contests!
Contests are a great way to grow your audience and develop stronger relationships with current customers. 

Discover 5 simple tips that will help to make sure you and your customers are getting the most from your contests.